I believe that you are worthy and capable of achieving it all.

I want you to perform at your best. I want you to feel amazing, look amazing, and have amazing relationships. We're go-getters, high-achievers, super-humans (whether by choice or necessity), but sometimes we need a little help to be the best versions of ourselves. 

You are one heck of a powerful species when we have the right nourishment  are living a sustainable life, when connected to the earth and to our bodies. I believe that with the right tools we can unleash the full potential inside of us.


I’m tired of nutrition dogma.

I’ll bet you are too. On my posts, I try to strip things back down to the basics, clear up confusing nutrition information, and focus on real food. Above all, I try to provide the tools that I know (and am learning along the way) for you to improve your nutrition, performance, and ultimately, your entire life. Nutrition unleashed is about discovering what makes us as humans thrive and become the best versions of ourselves.


core principles:

  1.   We are inherently connected with the earth + our environment 
  2. Striving to better ourselves from within, betters the world around us.
  3. We are all unique, capable, strong, and powerful – we just have to choose to be.

What I Do 

I work with clients one on one (both in person and virtually) to develop customized nutrition and lifestyle approaches that help them reach their health goals. I also create meal plans, teach classes, and My plans are based on an individual’s biochemistry, genetics, predispositions, present conditions, body type, lifestyle, and goals. I am passionate about integrated systems and holistic wellness so I partner with functional medicine practitioners and chiropractors for clients with more serious health concerns or if they desire a complete, comprehensive approach. 

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My Story

My passion for nutrition began when I was training for duathlons in high school. I was tired of doctors telling me that my only solution to my athletic injuries was to run less millage. I wanted to do the work to get better, not settle for a life without the activities that I love. I became passionate about the whole picture of performance: well-rounded training, nutrition for recovery and strength, and yoga for injury prevention and flexibility.

I started Nutrition Unleashed because I was frustrated by the lack of performance nutrition centered around health as well as the environmental impacts of food. I believe that nutrition for health and wellness, environmental sustainability, and human performance should align.
I am here to bridge that gap.

Fast forward ten years, I am now a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), and outdoor enthusiast. I specialize in performance nutrition, weight management, eating disorder recovery, and sustainable nutrition. My background includes undergraduate studies in Exercise Sport Science, Outdoor Recreation and Leadership, Journalism, and Environmental Philosophy.

Where to Start:

  • If you are new to healthy eating, start here.
  • If you want to eat healthier food, learn how to cook from your farmers market, learn about sustainable food, I have some resources to help you get started here.
  • If you want to cook tasty meals and treats, I have plenty of recipes, kitchen tips, and nutrition articles here.
  • If you don’t like any of that, but you just appreciate pictures of nature + food, I can dig that. 

Like what you’ve read? Let me know. Interested in working together? Contact me here, or check out my services page.

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