Hi! I am the author behind the blog and creator of Nutrition Unleashed. I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor, outdoor adventurer and fitness enthusiast. 

I run, I practice yoga, I rock climb, I lift, I bike, I hike, I have competed in du-athlons, running races, and ran NCAA cross country. My cross training has included mountain biking, bodybuilding, cross fit, and skiing. I also travel, garden, cook (a lot!), and I live in a 160 square foot Tiny House with my husband and hopefully soon, our very own adventure pup! The mountains have been my playground since I was a little girl and I believe that of upmost importance is our relationship with the earth. 

I started Nutrition Unleashed as a way to eliminate some of the barriers to success. There is so much more involved in eating well than just putting healthy food on a plate, or following a diagram (In fact these things rarely work on their own). That's why I am passionate about integrated systems, holistic wellness, sense of place, and seasonal food. I believe in designing nutrition programs based on our genetics, lifestyle, individual activities, and goals. 

I attended a liberal arts college for my undergraduate with a double major in Exercise Sport Science and Outdoor Recreation. I also had a minor in Environmental Studies and an overwhelming passion to be studying nutrition. In 2014, I began the nutrition program at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. I graduated in 2017 as a Certified Nutrition Consultant. I am now eligible to become a member of the NANP and to sit for the credentialing exam with the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board to become a board certified Holistic Nutritionist - so this will be in the works for me soon!



I have had my ins-and-outs with food. Beginning with anorexia in high school, my journey towards a healthy lifestyle began with recovery, learning how to cook and gaining an understanding of our modern food industry.

I have fought my own battles of processed-food-lethargy, depression, anxiety, re-feeding syndrome, dysbiosis, IBS, imbalaned stomach acid, and leaky gut. I have experimented on myself to learn the best way to: heal the gut and the mind, gain healthy weight, lean bulk for strength, achieve healthy and sustainable weight-loss. I am always looking for better ways to source local food and improve my nutrition for training indoors and playing outdoors. 

Over the years, I learned the difference between a conventional tomato and one pulled from the vine in our backyard garden. I have studied numerous "diets" and looked deep into the spectrum, including: ketogenic, low-carb, wild diets, raw food diets, vegetarianism, veganism, low calorie, high-carb, raw-till-4, local-vore(ism?) and the real food movement. I have studied varying cultures and research from food anthropology, nutrigenomics, subsistence farming, and Ayurveda. I have and continue to study each and every day to learn more about nutrition, the human body, and what makes us thrive as individuals. Nutrition is a young science and we are all growing every day. My views and opinions correlate as such. Above all, I desire truth and "Ahimsa" and I guarantee that I will dig as deep as I can to find out the dirty details behind the food we eat.