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About Adina

Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, and Multi-Sport Athlete


I believe that you are worthy and capable of achieving it all. I want you to perform at your best. I want you to feel amazing, look amazing, and have amazing relationships. We're go-getters, high-achievers, and super-humans. Sometimes we just need a little help to be the best versions of ourselves. 


Nutrition for High Performance & Outdoor Athletes

thrive in the activities you love, achieve your goals, & bring vitality to your life. 


Wellness is Waiting


My Story

I believe that nutrition for health and wellness, environmental sustainability, and human performance should align. I am here to bridge that gap.

My passion for nutrition began over a decade ago when I was competing in running, cycling, and duathlon races. I was tired of doctors telling me that my only solution to my athletic injuries was to run less millage. I wanted to get better, to perform better, to not settle for a life without the activities that I love.

I became passionate about approaching performance from a holistic perspective. I focused on well-rounded training, nutrition for recovery and strength, and yoga for injury prevention and flexibility. And it worked.

I was vegan for a time, raw vegan for a time, and paleo for a time. They all worked. I opened my mind to a perspective of food that encompassed many philosophies, combining eastern healing arts and western science. I completed a degree in anthropology, focused on food and medical anthropology to study the cultural aspects of health and to dive into ancestral nutrition.

I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant (NC), entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), and outdoor enthusiast. I have been working with clients 1-on-1, teaching nutrition classes, and speaking since I graduated Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in 2015.

I specialize in performance nutrition, weight management, eating disorder recovery, and sustainable nutrition. My background includes undergraduate studies in Exercise Sport Science, Outdoor Recreation, Anthropology (Medical Anthropology and Anthropological perspectives of food), Journalism, and Environmental Philosophy.


I’m Tired of Dogma

I’ll bet you are too.

I try to strip things back down to the basics and focus on real food. Above all, I try to provide the tools you need to improve your nutrition, performance, and ultimately, your entire life! Nutrition unleashed is about discovering what makes us thrive as individuals, not following a generic program.


What I Do

I work with clients one on one (both in person and virtually) to develop customized nutrition and lifestyle approaches that help them reach their health goals. I also create meal plans, teach classes, and create educational content. My plans are based on an individual’s biochemistry, genetics, predispositions, present conditions, body type, lifestyle, and goals. I am passionate about integrated systems and holistic wellness so I partner with functional medicine practitioners and chiropractors for clients with more serious health concerns or if they desire a complete, comprehensive approach.