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At Home Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Good morning fit foodies!

I sat at this post quite some time, completely uninspired by food. Today, I do not want to share a pretty recipe, nor nutrition facts. Today, I want to share with you one of my home workouts.

I used to live near a gym and now that we have moved our house to a new property, my nearest gym is too far to drive to in the morning. I really miss being able to go to the gym and get a lift in before the sun was even up. For me, lifting in the morning is really enjoyable because if I leave it for later in the day, I have a much harder time getting it in. I will run later in the day easily, but getting the motivation to get a good lift in is much harder! So I like to get it done and out of the way first thing.

That’s not really an option for me anymore most days of the week, so instead I have been going back to running, yoga, and bodyweight HIIT to wake me up. I have also been enjoying how this lets me split up my workouts. Cardio here. Lifting there. My gym sessions don't end up taking two hours anymore, and I don't have to trudge away on the treadmill. It’s a win-win!

So here it is, one of my favorite body-weight HIIT workouts I have been loving lately:
For this workout all you will need is a clear space, a timer, and a chair, stair, counter, or other surface for tricep dips. 

I like to warm up with a 10-20 minute jog before I complete this. Sometimes I just do one round of the following exercises, sometimes four rounds, it just depends on how long I want to work out. So versatile!