Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, the new training techniques I am trying, the yoga practice I did this morning, last night’s garlic and green onion ramen bowl, tomorrow’s paleo muffins…. I don’t even know where to start!

I guess I should start with me, because it’s what I know best.

I have been studying nutrition obsessively for ten years. I fell in love with endurance sports, outdoor sports, rock climbing, yoga, and strength around the same time I began to look deeper into the food system and human vitality. I started my bachelors in Exercise Sport Science, Outdoor Recreation, and Environmental studies, then left to pursue my passion for nutrition. My combined background has led me to crave all the information I can possibly get my hands on in the realms of real food nutrition, environmentally sustainable nutrition, and performance nutrition. I just ended three years studying nutrition at Bauman College and am now taking steps on my way on to bigger and better things!

I am so excited to take you with me.

Which brings me to this blog…

I honestly have tried to narrow myself down and it’s just not working. it’s not. I want to share it all with you. Between all the things I love the most:

training ideas,
nutrition tips,
a nutrient encyclopedia,
my adventures on the rock,
my long runs on the trail,
meal ideas for cyclists,
my messes in the kitchen,
the how-to of gaining muscle,
the best foods for performance,
at home yoga sequences,
debunking nutrition dogma,
getting into ancestral health,
adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and unexplained weight gain…


You get the idea.

I could be a recipe blog, or a nutrition blog, a climbing blog, a yoga blog, or a fitness blog… and the truth is, I want to be all of this. My plan is to roll with it because I trust that my blog will shape itself and narrow in time. So if you’re ready to dive with me into the world of health, performance, real food, and self-empowerment

What I can tell you is that if you are someone who wants to feel and perform at your absolute best, connect with your body, your food, and your environment, and experience what we "hippies"call “holistic wellness,” then you are in the right place!! And I am happy to have you here.

Let’s get started!



Nutrition Unleashed