Liver Detox Tea


On Wednesday, I wrote a post about supporting the liver through diet, nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle. I may have gotten a little nerdy, but what can I say, that’s what I love. I also am a big fan of providing depth of information so that my clients, you, and anyone else I talk to can understand the greater picture and decide what works for them. I often tell my clients that they have the answers inside of them. They know more about what their body needs than any book, expert, or consultant does, including myself. My goal is to empower and help to enable everyone I meet to take their health in their own hands and discover a way of eating that makes them feel awesome. A diet that helps them “unleash” their truest, most vibrant, fittest, and happiest selves.

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I often give them information like this post, but when it comes to formulating new habits, I have found that adding in a tea full of liver support herbs is the easiest and most consistent way to introduce liver support. And I just love a steaming, warming cup of tea in the evening as a way to wind down. I particularly love these bitter roots for their rich, almost coffee-like flavor and richness. The following recipe is one that I give to many of my clients. It is adaptable, versatile, and goes extremely well with honey and a splash of milk!

Liver Detox/Support Tea


·      Burdock root
·      dandelion root
·      rosehips
·      dried crab apple or dried apples
·      dried orange peels
·      a cinnamon stick
·      black tea, or rooibos tea for caffeine free
·      Add-ins: Raw honey & almond milk/cream if desired.


1.     In a tea ball, combine 2 Tbsp. black or rooibos tea leaves, 2 tsp burdock root,  1 Tbsp. dried and roasted dandelion root, with 1 tsp rosehips and as many dried apples/oranges as desired.
2.     Place the tea ball in a mug with a cinnamon stick and add almost boiling water.
3.     Let steep for 4 minutes
4.     Add honey and milk as desired
5.     Enjoy!