Two 20 Minute Upper Body Workouts

Good morning tribe!

It’s finally the weekend on this end of Nutrition Unleashed. I feel like I have been waiting for this one to come for two weeks! Needless to say, a relaxing weekend is long overdue for us. I think we are going to start this morning climbing indoors (it’s still dreary outside) and then I teach yoga this evening. With the rest of our time, we will just try to relax.

Today, I have two workouts that I want to share with you, one push (chest and triceps) and one full upper body (Back, biceps, chest, triceps, and shoulders). The push workout was created by my husband, and the full upper body was mine.

Yesterday, we had to squeeze in a 20 minute gym session. I wasn’t expecting much, but both of us left feeling extremely satisfied!

Now, while we are extremely busy people, we don’t have kids and we have the liberty on most days to make it to the gym for an hour or two. We have this ability first and foremost because we prioritize it. I literally sit down with my weekly schedule on Sunday, plug in my unmovable meetings, clients, and classes. Then, I write in my workouts- before writing in anything else. I plan the rest of my day around them. I am usually able to follow through with my plan without emergencies changing things around. Work, school, and other responsibility still get in the way sometimes and we shorten our workouts when this happens. I know for some of you, life gets in the way a lot (especially my mom friends), and maybe you only have 20 minutes every day to workout, and that’s okay!

I am here to tell you that you can have an awesome and effective workout in only 20 minutes! The key? Take out your rest times and superset smart.

When we have a short workout, it often comes down to interval training. This means, short bursts of high intensity movement with short rests in between. For each of these weight training workouts below, we went as fast as we could while still maintaining good form. Each movement is paired with another to keep our heart rates up (read calorie burn) and our momentum going. The pairing is strategic so that one exercise serves as a rest for the other, without ever having to take a break.

Full Upper Body:

I completed 3 sets of each exercise with 8-12 reps. The weight I used was light enough that I could actively engage the proper muscles (especially lats) but heavy enough that the last two repetitions were really hard.

Superset 1
Pull Ups (3x8) – I used an assist
Barbell Push Press (3x8)

Superset 2

Lat Pulldown (wide overhand grip) (3x12)
Lat Pulldown (narrow underhand grip) (3x12)
Cable Row (3x12)

Superset 3
Bicep band curls (3x15-20)
Tricep Dips (3x15-20)

Superset 4
Cable Delt Pulls (3x12)
Tricep Cable Pulldown (3x12)
Leg Raises (3x 15)


Push Workout:

Superset 1:
Bench Press (3x8)
Tricep Dips (3x15-20)

-       Drink break (keep it quick) 

Superset 2:
Tricep Cable Pulldown (3x10-12)
Push ups Wide (3x10)
Push ups Diamond (3x10)
Decline Sit Up (3x15)

Superset 3:
Dumbbell Incline Press (3x12)
Tricep Overhead Dumbbell press (3x12) 
Oblique Raises (3x15)