Our Tiny House

School is almost out and I can hear the anticipation in the air. Or rather, I think that’s just the anticipation inside of me. No matter how much I love the spring, I live for summer. Long day, long climbs, long runs, long hikes, long bike rides, gardening, bbqs and cocktails on the patio with friends. Bring. It. On.

As some of you know, my husband and I decided a couple months after we were engaged that building a Tiny House was something that we wanted to do. We thought about it long and hard for months and drew design after design, we saved up enough money to buy a trailer and then after about the second floor tapeing, 50th long conversation of pros and cons, hours of budgeting, and after the 100th design, we pulled the trigger on a trailer. If any of you have built a Tiny House before, then you know that buying the trailer is move that binds you to the project.

We were committed, nervous, and very excited. Neither of us had had a ton of building experience before, we had built some fences, sheds, and a greenhouse for our yard, but never anything fit to live in. I went ahead with the designs right away. I held the vision for the exterior look and the interior layout, decor, and overall vibe. My husband had a stronger grasp on the guts of the house, the plumbing, propane, electrical, and framing. He was also concerned more with the practical side of the equation, like bumping out two lofts so that we had space for all of our gear (if it was left to me, I would have designed purely for looks, functionality aside!) 

Now that the whole house is said and done, I couldn’t be more proud of what we achieved together. We got married and went on a month long rock climbing honeymoon. Then, when we got back, we went straight to work. The winters were really cold where we built, so we needed to get it framed and weathered in before winter came (in early October) and then we wanted to finish the house before it was too cold and snowy to move it to its final location.

We built non-stop, literally, Eat, Sleep, Build, Repeat For six months. We have now lived in it for a year and a half. It’s our little sanctuary, a structure that we know and have handled 100%. I often joke that it’s like our child. But it is, we created this, we brought it up and loved it through all of its tantrums into existence.

It provides so much for us now, shelter, warmth, and a wonderful kitchen. I know that this blog is about nutrition, fitness, and training. But this blog is also unavoidably, about me. And this house is such a part of me that it can’t be left out. And naturally, this kitchen is where all of the magic happens. 

 @photoexplorer @tinyhousegiantjourney

@photoexplorer @tinyhousegiantjourney

Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey wrote a post about our house, our story, and our advice for future builders on the Tumbleweed lifestyle blog > you can read more about our tiny house and take a peak at photos of the inside here