A Simple Guide To Sourcing Your Food


You guys! I'm feeling really inspired right now! Probably because I have been drinking this mushroom coffee for like two weeks now (reishi mushrooms) and it's awesome. Maybe also because I have been listening to my all time favorite health and nutrition podcasts. I'm just nerding out all day long and it feels great. I bought three new books today and I can't wait to dig into them. 

Before I do, I want to share with you a little handout about food sourcing. If I could stress ONE thing with my clients enough, it would be that food sourcing is EVERYTHING! Literally, everything. I honestly would be stoked if my clients changed nothing about their habits (okay, mostly stoked), and just changed their food sourcing. 

I get called an idealist, but you guys! This is not about idealism, this is about health. There is sh*t in our food that is poisoning us. And it's not just in our food! It's in our air and in our flooring, the walls of our houses, under our feet when we go for a run. It's everywhere. This is not about hippy shmipy idealism, this is about you. This is about your body and your health. Sourcing your food can save you so many allergies, thyroid issues, gut issues, brain issues, heart disease, cholesterol imbalance, hormone imbalances, autoimmune conditions, etc. 

On the other end, sourcing your food well can help you THRIVE. That's what I want to see. Because I want to see everyone at their best, living their fullest and free-ist. You owe this to yourself and you owe it to the world to show up. Gosh darn it, you owe it to me. I want to see you be the best mom, dad, parent, the best partner to your partner, the best (whatever profession you have chosen) and the best performing human that you can be. 

The first step to becoming this, is by sourcing your food with intention. 

But I know it's hard. There are so many labels out there, so much clever marketing that it's hard to know what any of it actually means. "Are free range eggs really better than cage free?" Yes, they are, but the truth of the matter is that they all are terrible, except for pastured. 

This guide is meant to simplify all of this. When we just look at the good stuff, it becomes a lot easier. But you have to know what that is first. If you will notice, a lot of it comes down to the word "pastured." That means that these animals are living on grass, with room to roam, no cages, and hopefully no added hormones or antibiotics. There is naturally not as big of a need, as these animals have healthier immune systems that make them less susceptible to disease. I am sure these labels will change, but for now, this is the simplest, most straight forward guide I could come up with for you. No one has time to stand in the isles of a grocery store for ours trying to read labels, I know that first hand.

My recommendation - take this to the store with you and when in doubt, just pick the best. Don't wait until you are sick to make the right choices, you and your family deserve better than that.

Just do the best that you can do. You deserve it. Have I said that enough?