Weekly Workouts


I had a busy work week this week and have had to shorten the duration of my workouts recently in order to make time for life. But that has forced me to get creative and really push myself when I am there. I haven’t been running as much (also because I am still trying to put on muscle) in order to save time and working conditioning into my workouts. It’s honestly been a ton of fun and I’m seeing some great results.

When life gets busy it is important to keep up with the things that make us feel confident, empowered, happy, and productive – like working out. And our health is still important. It is also important to strike a balance and know that when you are stressed, it is not the time to be pushing PRs. What happens to us emotionally and mentally, greatly impacts our physical body. We are constantly secreting cortisol, which causes not only appetite to increase, but access fat to be stored on our bodies. Even if you are on point with what you eat and make sure to take care of your nutrition when you are stressed, cortisol will still cause the body to hold on to and store extra fat, especially abdominal visceral tissue. This fat,  belly fat is what people tend to complain about the most, it is also the most dangerous to our health because it is active tissue that secretes more hormones.

When we are experiencing times in our lives of high stress, a new baby, buying a new home, work pressure, relationship pressure – and then we push our workouts on top of it, we increasing the total load on our bodies. While we feel exercise as a stress relief, which it can be, the body experiences it as stress-full. And if you exercise on an empty stomach, the body will have to call on more cortisol to get you through the workout, which raises your blood sugar and helps you access your muscle glycogen and fat. (chronically, this is not what we want for insulin regulation).

Exercise though is still important, and when we experience stress-ful times it can be the rock that holds us together, keeps us happy, and helps us manage everything else. We just have to find the balance. It’s a great time to think about bringing the workouts back to maintenance mode, focusing on activities that we really love and having fun with our workouts. If you have a week of big running mileage, it might be time to cut that in half (yes, even if you have a race coming up), if you have been working on strength gains, it may be a week to de-load you weight, and do some extra cardio. If you are a trail runner or mountain biker- choose shorter routes that you absolutely love and that have great views. Essentially, cut your workout time and intensity down (under an hour is a good general), don’t go until failure, and love the activity you choose. Have fun, take off the pressure, and spend the extra time focusing on the people you love in your life and what is causing stress that stress. Get that junk taken care of, and then get back to your workouts when you are less stressed.

On to the workouts. I had some super fun ones this week.


Warm Up: 10 minute treadmill jog


3 Rounds: (Booty burner!!)

15 glute bridges

15 banded side walks – heavy band

12 TRX Jump Squats

16 Walking lunges – weight bag – front rack position

15 Hyperextensions


Superset 1: (x3)
Dumbbell Split Squat – 12 each leg

-       W/ split squat jumps – 12

Romanian Deadlift 12


Superset 2: (x4)

Leg Press – heavy – 4x8-10

Ab side raises – heavy


Superset 3: (x3)

Leg extension – 12 heavy/15 lighter

Glute raises- heavy



Bike: 20 minutes

(superhero challenge workout - modified)
4 Rounds of:

8 Pull ups

15 Push Press

10 V-Ups

10 Bent Over Row

15 Bicep Curls


Cable Row

Cable ab pulldown



Rest Day



Warm Up: 5 minute jog


6 rounds of 5: (another superhero challange workout modified)

Power Clean and Lunge 

Burpee over bar

Step Up (5 each leg)

5 Box Jumps

5 Step Ups each leg

5 Pull Ups


Scapular Pull Ups 3x 12
Push Ups 3 x10


Dumbbell Press 3x12

Chest Flys 3x15

Tricep Extension 3x12



Bike ride: 20 minutes


Warm Up:

2x15 banded glute raises

2x20 band walks

2x15 goblet box squats

2x15 jump lunge


Deadlift 4x12

-       w/ leg raises 3x12 heavy, 3x15 light, 3x10 – single leg light

Leg Press 4x15

-       Cable pull threw/squat 4x12

Cable Glute Kicks 3x12

-       Single arm kettle swings 3x12



Warm up:

5 min. treadmill, 5 min stairmaster


2x15 Push press (light weight)

2x10 pull up

2x12 Scapular raises

2x 10 Push ups


3x15 band curls

3x12 cable lat pulldown crossovers

3x12 TRX bicycles


2x12 dumbell bicep curls

3x12 tricep pulldown

3x12 single arm tricep pulldown

4x8 shoulder press


3x12 barbell row

3x10 lat raises – front & side

Chest flys 3x12



Rest Day