Finding my Voice & Summer Rejuvenation Challenge

Those of you who know me know that I am an incredibly open person. I love to share what’s on my mind, in my life, and everything in between. But when it comes to the internet, I have a lot of reserves. For one, I have blamed technology for a lot of the world’s problems since I was a little girl and because of that belief, I take a lot of time away from e-mail, social media, etc. I’m not the type of person to stare at my phone. I also don’t understand how to talk to someone I can’t see, touch, smell, or can’t talk back. I’m getting better at this because I know guys are real, important beings and it’s awesome to be able to connect with you over the internet.



My final reservation is sharing my personal life. I am not sure how I want to approach blogging, but I do want it to feel authentic, I want to share my workouts, my adventures in the mountains, and my journey/experiences/thoughts around food and nutrition.

But, as I’m sure many of you know, it’s hard to put yourself out there and I go back and forth on whether or not I want to. So naturally, I think that this means I should dive right on in and do it.

I would love to have a space that records my progress, the workouts I create, recipes, and experiences.


Emily Schromm's 21 Day Challange

Make me a superhero, Emily! 

I will be starting Emily Schromm’s challenge soon with my husband and a friend of mine and would love to take y’all through it day by day. It will be a big change for me. I don’t eat a lot of meat. I was vegan for years, and partially vegan (I always liked to say 95% vegan) for many more. I want to maintain plant-based through the challenge, but it’s structure is set up around a lot of meat. I just don’t hop on board with that.

I’m not sure how I will I do it. I will make lots of modifications I am sure. I think what I do through this challenge could be relevant to some of you who are wanting a whole foods based diet, want to build muscle, and don’t want to give up your veggie ways. Or maybe you are full on paleo and love your meats but want to include more vegetables, fruits, and carbohydrates because you know you will feel and be healthier if you do so. I think we could all benefit from eating less sugar.

The challenge starts July 10th and lasts for 21 days. I’m excited to experiment with my food some more! I love using myself as a gunni pig. I love trying new things with my body, new philosophies and learning what works for me, what doesn’t and continuing to expand y mind about food.

I am really looking forward to this challenge. I haven’t seen the meal plans, but I think I will have to modify a bit – I hope not too much. I talked my husband into doing it with me, but in order to keep him motivated, I feel like I need to also support him on one of his goals that he has been wanting to achieve for a while. He’s been talking about how much he wants to go to bed earlier – like 9:30pm. Of course, this is super hard to do and he can’t do it without me. We totally match each other’s schedules whether we want to or not, and we like to go bed together. So for the challenge, he will support me on the food side of things, and I decided I will support him by challenging ourselves to also go to sleep at 9:30pm every night for the 21 days. I feel like it’ll be an awesome reset and rejuvenation period in our lives.

We have had constant stress for months, so I think this will be a great way to build up our immune systems, re-balance our hormones and bring our cortisol back down to healthy levels. I can’t wait, and I would like to share the experience with all of you, here and on Instagram. (and facebook if I ever figure that platform out…) 

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