16 Whole Food Snack Ideas + Free Download

Happy Sunday foodies, it’s officially November, can you believe it?! You know what that means?! Daylight savings, pumpkin everything, boots, and lots of cozy sweaters. But also, for me this means I am a month and a half away from graduating. My capstone project is an examination of the evolution of human food consumption patterns, health, and how we can shape culture to help us eat better. I have only touched the surface of this project, so naturally, this means I will be eating lots and lots of snacks between now and graduation.



Today, I have a free download for you – 16 ideas for whole food snacks. Whether you are following a paleo approach, AIP diet, general whole foods diet, or vegan, there is something on this list for you.


I talk with a lot of individuals and clients who have autoimmune conditions. I was just discussing this snack list handout with one of my clients who is having to eliminate certain foods to reduce immune reactions. Having food allergies, or having to cut out certain foods (especially when the list is expansive) is never fun. But I thoroughly believe that it doesn’t have to be painful, you just have the right kinds of options to take their place.


An autoimmune condition occurs when the body has an inappropriate immune response and attacks its own tissue. Often, these conditions begin in the gut. Our gut health depends on proper food, optimal micro and macro nutrients, the presence of beneficial bacteria, healthy pH levels, healthy stress management, and much more.


The same idea applies to all of us. Often, choosing to create healthier eating habits involves cutting out foods we love and at one point, have relied on. The new you will choose not to eat those foods any more. Allergy or not, providing yourself with a list of foods that will make you feel good, are easy to eat, and you can have on hand when snack time rolls around will set you up for success.


So, while these snack ideas were created with autoimmune conditions in mind, I wanted to share this downloadable pdf with you today because I believe these snack options are universal. These snacks are centered around whole food ingredients, paired mindfully, and of course, they are delicious, portable and easy to eat when on-the-go.





What’s your favorite snack? Are any of your go-to favorites on this list?