Nutrition is a Journey of Self-Development

Talking you into nutrition is really talking you into a journey of self-discovery. It is talking you into re-evaluating your life, asking yourself hard (but beautiful) questions about who you want to be, what your goals are, and how you want to show up to the world. I am asking you to re-think the way that you spend your time, to look at your priorities and shift them. I want you to add, not just your nutrition to the top of the list, but your health entirely.

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Hi, I’m Adina and I want to challenge you. I want you to go beyond “okay” or “fairly healthy.” I am asking you to pursue the person that you were created to be. I want you to come alive.


I have been interested in food from a young age, but passionate about nutrition since I was 14 years old. That has made for over a decade (11 years to be exact) of immersion study about the way that we eat, the “why” behind we eat, and the “how” of how what we eat impacts our health, our athletic performance, and our happiness.


I was not born with passion. I was born with a desire. A desire to seek truth and beauty in the world. By following this desire, I was blessed with passion along the way. More passion than I sometimes know what to do with. Some people call me an “energizer,” some people call me an “inspirer.” Either way, I generally have no filter, which has made me feel that I am here to put energy behind the people that I touch in my life.


This blog is meant to be an expression of that. I deleted everything I have previously written. Firstly, because I love fresh starts. I love new years and I especially love mornings. Secondly, because I am impulsive. I think that the best way to help others with nutrition is to share the raw reality of what it means to live a lifestyle in pursuit of proper nourishment. This means that you are not always perfect. It means that you make “poor” food choices sometimes for the love of the people around you. It also means that you work hard every day to become a better person. It is not a linear line, it is not always about the food. There is no off the wagon. This is a journey we are on and we choose how we want to show up.


In our culture, most of us have such a hard time putting ourselves first. This is at least true for the people that I know and for most of the clients that I work with. Our culture has somehow intertwined the definitions of self-sacrifice and service. We think when we are in service to others, we must humbly sacrifice our own needs. Further still, we believe this to be noble. This action may have noble intentions, but self-sacrifice should not be confused with service of others. Gradually, we become disconnected with our intuitive knowledge, our bodies signals, and we disrupt the delicate balance of the functions of our bodies. No one wants to be a drain on the system.


It may seem hard to shift your priorities around. You may feel like you don’t have time for nutrition. You may think that you eat fairly “healthy” already and see no need to put more energy into what you eat. You may think you only have time for a 30 minute workout a few times a week and 20 minutes to cook dinner at night. You may think that you don’t have time for yourself at all, that if you take time for yourself, you are taking away time that you could have spent giving to others.

I ask you to challenge these beliefs.


When we realize that prioritizing our health is the first step to achieving the rest of our priorities (in the best way that we can), taking care of ourselves becomes easy. It becomes necessary. It is necessary. We can then serve in a way that exponentially makes the world a better place.


Know that taking care of yourself is taking care of others.
To be honest, we are the only person that we can take care of.


If I could press upon you one thing, okay, make that two, it is that:

1) by being healthy, happy and thriving, we are serving the world with our gifts. We are responsible for that expression. This is not selfish

2) That eating healthy is not easy. Living healthy takes work. There is no quick fix. But I promise that it is a wonderful journey and that you are important and deserve to take yourself on that journey.


I am asking you to come with me.