Fresh Start, New Coaching Program & My Purpose in Nutrition

Fresh start, new coaching services.jpg

I must have had a great cup of coffee before I went to the gym this morning, not because my workout was intense (it wasn’t), but because my mind was on fire. My thoughts were like a sail boat, grazing along smooth water, with a bright clear horizon and a crisp clarity to the air.

I had one major thought that shifted something inside of me. I need to start fresh with my nutrition services.

As I mentioned over on the Instagram, I stepped away from the clinic that I have been working at since I graduated from Bauman College.

If you don’t know, let me just fill you in on that real quick:

I worked at Alignment Natural Medicine, a functional medicine clinic and chiropractic office. Over the course of my time there I taught nutrition group classes, spoke at events, and wrote articles but I mostly worked with the patients of Alignment one-on-one. There were three doctors who I worked with, whose patients became my clients. It was my job to transform their health through their food habits and lifestyles. I did my best to help support the conditions that the functional medicine doctors would find in their blood work while trying to reach the clients goals.

Let. me. tell. you, this work was extensive, intense, emotional, beautiful, and challenging. My clients through Alignment have been wonderful people and it has been an amazing opportunity. Right out of school, I was tested regularly. From cancer, autoimmunity, hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hormone imbalances, food allergies/sensitivities, IBS, downs syndrome, MS, diabetes, PCOS, fibromyalgia, eczema, acne, lymes disease, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression, eating disorders… the list goes on, I had the opportunity to work with a diverse set of conditions.

I suddenly came to the conclusion that, now that I am not working there:

  • I can focus on what I do best.
  • I am now able to set my own pricing.
  • I get to create my own programs.
  • I can now create a program with the accountability that is necessary for great change.
  • I can make it accessible to all of you.


But this morning, while I was working out, I heard one sentence on the barbell shrugged podcast that seemed to flip a switch. “you are good at one thing, just do that really well.”

I am great at sports nutrition.

This has always been my niche. It was on a run ten years ago that I became overwhelmingly passionate about food. It was through training that I developed the desire to change my health and the health of the people around me. I am inspired by human performance. I started my degree in Sport Science (& outdoor recreation) and it has been this love for fitness that continues to drive me to this day.

I am grateful that I feel competent to handle clinical/therapeutic nutrition. I now want to take this knowledge that I gained through nutrition school and through Alignment into the world of sports nutrition.

In the fitness world, I don’t see a nutrition coach that combines holistic health with performance (except Emily Schromm, I see you girl, you crush!) If you know of anyone else, please let me know (I want to be their best friend).

If I have learned one thing (though really, I have learned a boat-load), it’s that to change your nutrition, you need contact with a coach.

If you want success in nutrition, you need to treat yourself like an athlete. You must set goals, you must have desire, you must have a plan, and you must have the perseverance to see it through, and you need a coach to call you out on your bullshit, get you on the right track, and hold you accountable.

We often think that performance and health are at odds. That maybe, to succeed at a sport, we must sacrifice health or vice versa. Or we just don’t know! Well I think they are linked.

In order to lose the weight that you want to lose (or gain it), in order to recover well, and in order to perform well you MUST have balanced hormones, a functional liver, and a healthy digestion to get the nutrients you need to recover. You can’t just choose your “macros” and be done or go vegan or go keto and get the body that you want. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that (but I am happy to help you recover your adrenals after you try it).

Having peak performance as an athlete, overall health as a human, and vitality in our life requires that we support the functions of our body.


So, long story short, here’s the information that you need to know:

  • I am changing my services,
  • I am offering one type of coaching program,
  • it will be more accessible (financially and through virtual coaching),
  • it will be focused on continuous support and accountability,
  • It will ask that you treat yourself like an athlete (even if you are not one),
  • & it will be centered around helping you do more physically than you ever thought possible
  • while we work on supporting your overall health.


I know so many of you that are already great athletes, yogis, and climbers. I know that you have thought about improving your nutrition (but you are waiting for whatever reason). I know that you are interested. I know that you have big goals and I want to help you see them through. I am designing this program for you. But I only have a limited number of sports, so hop on it.

My new coaching program will be launching on Monday, August 13th.
Details, pricing, etc. are up on my services page.
Check it out, shoot me an e-mail, an Instagram DM, or fill out my form on my contact page.