EAT wild, live free, and feel good.

1. Eat naked food: Eat a diet of seasonal, local, unprocessed, organic, and wild foods. Cultivate relationships with your farmers. become your own five star, healthy chef by trying new whole food recipes with real ingredients that you can connect with. Spend time at your local farmers market.  Eat your food slowly and with intention.

2. Prioritize fitness: Being able to do the physical activities that you love and maintaining physical competence as you age is important. This principle is about challenging your body, increasing your fitness, having energy to show up to life and functional fitness, and ultimately prioritizing fitness leaves you feeling and achieving your best so that you can give more into what you love.

3. Embrace your inner child: Grow, play, explore, learn, jump, dance, sing, have fun! Question things and live life with curiosity and innovation. don't be afraid to be yourself. Don't limit yourself by cultural expectations. I like to think of it as getting in touch with my tribal side, for you, maybe it means wearing a new, fun colored dress or dancing in the rain with your children. 

3. Connect with nature: We cannot harm the environment without harming ourselves, and when we cultivate a healthy environment, we also cultivate health for ourselves. It's that simple. Just like hunter-gathers lived with nature and spent time in the environment, we should too. It is important to feel a part of the bigger picture, to love and appreciate that we do depend on the nourishment from nature. It is also important to get more Vitamin D, to clear our heads from stress, modern technology, traffic noise, concrete buildings, and fake lights. Doing this re-aligns our circadian rhythm which improves sleep, weight management, controls our hormonal balance, communication, hunger levels and emotional response to life.  

4. Connect yourself with your body: If you don't know what your body needs, how can you nourish it? No one knows how you need to eat or exercise better than your body. However, many of us have never learned to do this, and may never practice throughout our entire lives (I know I wasn't taught this!). Looking outward may not provide the best answers, yet looking inward takes time. It is important to learn how to listen to what the body is saying, how we are feeling and what we need. Through yoga, careful nutrition experimentation, and lifestyle adjustments, it is possible to tap into our body's wisdom. 

5, Cultivate healthy community: There is a reason food is such a social endeavor. For many of us (myself included), social pleasure is the reason that we "fall of the band wagon." You can't change your loved ones to suddenly eat a healthier diet, nor can you just abandon them. It is important to stay strong in yourself when surrounded by loved ones who don't understand a healthy lifestyle. It is important to also cultivate a healthy food culture that does support your path to wellness. Social support helps us feel valued and loved. When we are surrounded by people who think that we matter and value who we are, we feel like we can take on the world. When we practice loving others, we grow to loving ourselves more and find our lives full of positivity. We need each-other, and we need people who push us to be our very best. 

6. Stay inspired: Living healthy can be difficult at times for even the best of us. Though we find that over time, it becomes addictive and we want to feel that goodness. Even then, there are times when we become more apathetic and times we don't honor ourselves enough to do what is best. Nothing beats internal and/or external motivation when we feel the "why-bothers". Know your goals at the beginning, write them down and keep them with you at all times. Never forget why you are pushing, fighting, or just making the right choice. Maybe it's for your kids, maybe it is to be a good example, or maybe it is for your fitness goals. Hang on to this and it will keep you feeling alive and motivated in every aspect of your life.  

7. R&R: rest and relaxation. Our society runs on caffeine, stimulants, and productivity. It is hard sometimes to take a break, read a book, or practice yoga because we feel that we are doing something wrong. Muscle is not built in the gym, it is broken in the gym and is built during rest. Our bodies (and minds! and spirits!) work this way too. We need to take time to slow down and get enough rest in order to "show up" and keep rockin' it or we will burn out, get sick, or develop adrenal fatigue. 




-In sync with the seasons
-Organic or beyond organic
-Free of chemicals, additives, dyes, and industrial "extras"
-Grown in nutrient rich soil
-Part of an eco-system
-Unprocessed, unrefined
-Is made by nature 

-Connected to a farmer
-Connected to a healthy ecosystem
-Connected to tradition and ancestral knowledge
-Touched by human hands
-Touched by dirt
-Touched by bugs and animals
-Has a story
-Cooked by loved ones
-Eaten in good company

-Not linked to any "diet" 
-No "one-size-fits-all" program
-No bias
-Unique and varied based on person, location, life demands, body type, exercise, personal goals, physiologic response, allergies/sensitivities, climate and environment
-Always changing with the eb and flow of life


Our naked nutrition food culture is one of togetherness, of taking responsibility for what we put into our bodies, of re-connecting with the seasons, the earth, and the place where our food comes from. It's about getting our hands into the dirt and teaching our kids what a potato from the garden looks like and what a home grown tomato tastes like. It's about sharing food with our community as well as good conversation. It's about learning how to cook healthfully with whole ingredients. It's a culture of supporting others in their goals and dreams. It's also about reconnecting with a more tribal sense of life, and stripping away the stressful b**l s**t in our lives that holds us back from being the best that we can be so that we can be thriving, happy, and energetic husbands/wives, moms/dads, students, athletes, and adventurers!