Nutrition Consulting

Humans are incredibly strong, powerful, and intelligent creatures. We are also stubborn, inconsistent and resistant to change. Sometimes we know what's right, we just can't do it. Other times, we know have no clue what the right thing to do is because we are sent so many mixed messages. This is where a nutritionist comes in. Not only can a nutritionist clear up questions you may have about various diets, media messages, nutrition research conflicts, cooking and sourcing food, but a nutritionist also provides recommendations for a program specially designed for you with the ongoing support you need to get to feeling your best. 





Goal setting
Discussion of questions
Discussion of eating for health, general nutrition & wellness
Follow up e-mail Summary
With recommendations

(no health evaluation or dietary analysis)


1 Initial Consultation
4 follow up sessions
In addition: Relevant hangouts, tailored dietary recommendations, recipes, grocery lists, option for customized meal plans, & on-going e-mail support.


1 Initial Consultation
7 Follow Up Consultations
In addition: Relevant handouts, tailored dietary recommendations, recipes, grocery lists, option for customized meal plans, & on-going e-mail support. 


Initial Consultation: $140.00
Follow Up Meeting - 1 hour: $95.00
Follow Up Meeting - 30 Minutes: $65.00


What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is an interdisciplinary approach to nutrition based on (but not limited to) the science of human nutrition, biochemistry, microbiology, nutrigenomics, anthropology, agriculture sciences, anatomy, digestive physiology, and neuroscience. Holistic Nutrition strives to get to the root cause of a variety of health concerns rather than healing symptoms. It evaluates the whole person- analyzing physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental factors in order to develop a unique protocol for each individual based on their biochemistry, genetics, allergies, hormonal levels, present conditions, digestive function, body type, and other factors impacting a person's life and wellness. 




For My Athletes

It takes an athlete to truly understand an athlete. For my clients with performance goals, I know the mindset of "doing what it takes" to get to our goals and putting our long-term health on the back-burner for the sake of a race or competition (Trust me, I do it too!). I also understand how important hormonal balance, recovery and nourishment are for long-term success in the activities we love. Nutrition is 80% of the equation!

I am here to help you get the most out of your training with real food (not just supplements!) and to ensure that you are performing for the long-hall. Without proper nutrition, we often run into the pitfalls of over training, athletic injuries, burnout, compromised immune system, inability to see results or achieve a goal weight. Diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis can sneak up on us down the road, or injury can make us stop our passions prematurely. 

With my background in holistic nutrition, exercise science, and endurance and strengthtraining, I combine real food nutrition with performance minded techniques to help you succeed in your pursuits outside and in the gym. Let nutrition compliment your training and let's start achieving your goals in performance and in life.


Education & Resources, 
Direction, Purpose, & Motivation, 
Guidance & Support, 
Accountability, accountability, accountability! 
Social navigation support, 
Creation and step by step follow through for realistic,
achievable goals, 
Meal ideas & shopping lists,
a sustainable and enjoyable approach that you can adapt for life,

so long yo-yo dieting!


A whole picture approach based on your unique genetic disposition, metabolic type, individual lifestyle needs, personal goals, professional demands, stress levels, hormonal profile, food sensitivities, current conditions, mental health, family relationships, health concerns, and environmental toxin exposure
- enabling you to reach you goals - 


Weight goal achievement, 
Improved Fitness & Performance, Disease prevention, 
Improved Health, 
Better Digestion, 
Less Pain, 
Improved mood, 
Better Mental Focus, 
Improved Immune System, 
Better Life Balance, 
Heart Health, 
Detoxification Pathway Support, 
Stress Relief, 
Better memory, 
Inflammation Reduction, 
Allergy Relief, 
More energy! 

(Keep in mind each and every body reacts differently and results always vary)