Nutrition Coaching

Services, Packages, and Pricing


I help my clients achieve their health, fitness, and performance goals through real food nutrition and a holistic approach to health. The effectiveness of your training and your overall performance depends on proper nutrition. My goal is to empower you with the tools you need to eat well, feel great, and perform at your best.

I specialize in endurance, strength and outdoor sports, as well as weight loss, muscle gain, body recomposition, and sustainable nutrition.


Why hire a nutritionist?

Gain consistent support from a coach dedicated to your success.
Get a personalized approach to nutrition based on your holistic needs.
Weekly, custom recommendations made for you.
Gain clarity on food, health, diets, and weight management.


My Philosophy

I approach nutrition with a bio-individual approach. We all need a unique, custom approach to the way we eat based on our genetics, background, relationship with food and our goals. Whether you are here to improve your race times, or here to support chronic health conditions, I am here to guide you through the process of transforming yourself from the inside out so that you can show up as the best, most vibrant version of you.


Coaching Packages

How It Works


Step 1: Intake Forms + Evaluation

After you have selected the version of coaching you would like. I will send you initial intake paperwork and a healthy evaluation via e-mail. Please be detailed, this is where you let me know who you are, any pre-existing conditions that you have, and your nutrition journey so far. We will talk about these points in our first session.

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Step 2: Initial Meeting

This is where the magic of holistic nutrition happens. we dive in and try to understand the root of any limitations you may have and how to support them. I evaluate your diet and lifestyle for health and therapeutic nutrition in this session, as well as determine what macronutrient plan will work best for your goals and current state (results are best if you track your food! I will most likely ask you to do this). This is also time to bring up your relationship with food and any questions you have about nutrition. Out of this session, we will start to develop your personal program, but we will start with small changes and continue to add to it as the weeks go on.


Step 3: Goal Setting

If you haven’t already defined it, your homework after our first meeting is to get really clear on your goals, what you would like to achieve and identify how you feel I can best help you.

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Step 4: Weekly Check-Ins

Each week we will check in on how you are doing, if your actions line up with your goals and if your food choices are working for you. Consistency is key! Small steps are often needed to make lasting changes. Each week we will evaluate what commitments to change you have made so far and what new ones need to be made. These weekly check-ins are when we will be able to narrow in your macronutrient and key therapeutic nutrient needs.


Step 5: Consistent Support & Coaching

What works for you one week, might not work for you the next, our bodies are constantly adapting and changing. Each week, I tweak our program to make sure that you make continual progress. You also have continuous access to me via e-mail for any questions that come up and for practical resources (like what the heck should I cook, how do I grocery shop, and I need some recipes please!). 


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My Specialty Areas

Sports Nutrition. Solo-Athletics, Nutrition for Endurance, Strength, Bodybuilding, Rock Climbing, Mountain and Competitive Sports.

Weight Management (Weight Loss, Healthy Weight Gain, & Muscle Gain).
Ecologically Sustainable Nutrition & Food Production
Anthropological Perspectives on Food
Paleolithic Nutrition, Plant Based Diets, Healthy Vegan Diets
Nutrition for an Active/Outdoor Lifestyle




Location of Services

I can see clients anywhere from anywhere!
The most important aspect of Nutrition Coaching is consistency and I want to make this as easy and convenient for clients as possible. For that reason, we meet weekly and virtually over the phone or e-mail.

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Conditions Supported

I have a background in therapeutic nutrition and can work with you to support a number of conditions, nicluded, but not limited to: Digestive Issues, Food Allergies/Sensitivities, Anxiety and Depression, Autoimmune Conditions & Hashimoto's, Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes and Insulin Resistance, Hormone Imbalances, Neurotransmitter Funciton & Production, Nutrition Deficiencies, Cancer (Support & Prevention), Eating Disorders, Sports Injury & Prevention, Brain Health & Cognitive Function, Fatigue.


Cost of Coaching

Initial Meeting: $165.00 | Follow Up Meetings: $160.00/month

Included: Weekly check-ins, e-mail support, nutrition for presenting conditions, key nutrients, and therapeutic recommendations. Discussion of the root cause of concerns, health issues, or weight/performance plateaus. Recommended macronutrient ratio recommendations (your "macros"). Goal setting, recipes, resources, and shopping guides, meal planning, and day-to-day guidance