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Consistent support from a coach dedicated to your success
A personalized approach to nutrition based on your holistic needs
Custom recommendations
Clarity on food, health, diets, and weight management


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This option is great for those who want to change their nutrition and physical fitness and want to know that they are on the right track and working towards the right goals. This program allows us to work one-on-one consistently to ensure results. If you are ready to take their health into their own hands and take your performance to the next level, but are able to be moderately independent, this option is for you!

13 weeks of 1-on-1 coaching
One 90 Minute Initial Consultation
12 weeks of e-mail/phone check-ins
Resources, guides, support, and customized recommendations

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This option is best for those who have big goals, want deep transformative change and truly want to reinvent their habits and their mindset around food. This option gives you more time with me so I highly encourage this option for anyone who has underlying chronic conditions or really wants to learn about nutrition from me as we go as longer meeting times are necessary. 

13 weeks of 1-on-1 coaching
One Initial Consultation
Resources, guides, support, and customized recommendations
Bi-weekly meetings with e-mail check-ins inbetween
1 Ninty minute meeting
2 Hour long meetings
4 Thirty minute meetings
6 e-mail check-ins
Unlimited e-mail support
25% off customized meal plans


How It Works

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Step 1: Intake form and evaluation.

You fill out some paperwork and questionnaires.
This is where you let me know who you are, any pre-existing conditions that you have, and you fill me in on your nutrition journey so far. 



This is where the magic of holistic nutrition happens. we dive in and try to understand the root of any limitations you may have and how to support them. I evaluate your diet and lifestyle for health and therapeutic nutrition in this session, as well as determine what macronutrient plan will work best for your goals and current state (results are best if you track! I will most likely ask you to do this). This is also time to bring up your relationship with food and any questions you have about nutrition. Out of this session, we will develop your personal program. 


Step 3: Goal Setting

Your homework after our first meeting is to get really clear on your goals, what you would like to achieve and identify how you feel I can best help you. (I will probably have my own ideas but I want to make sure that you feel I am serving you best). 

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Step 4: Weekly Check Ins

Each week we will check in on how you are doing, if your actions line up with your goals and if your food choices are working for you. Consistency is key! Small steps are often needed to make lasting changes. Each week we will evaluate what commitments to change you have made so far and what new ones need to be made. 


Step 5: Constant Support & COACHING

What works for you one week, might not work for you the next. I am constantly tweaking programs to make sure that you make continual progress. You also have access to me for any questions that come up and for practical resources (like what the heck should I cook, how do I grocery shop, and I need some recipes please!). 

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I can see clients anywhere from anywhere! 
The most important aspect of Nutrition Coaching is consistency and I want to make this as easy and convenient for clients as possible. For that reason, we meet over the phone or e-mail. 

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Weight Management: Weight Loss, Healthy Weight Gain, & Muscle Gain
Sports Nutrition. Endurance, strength, and competative sports
Ecologically Sustainable Nutrition & Food Production
Anthropological Perspectives on Food
Paleolithic Nutrition
Plant Based Diets
Healthy Vegan/Vegetarian Diets
Nutrition for an Active/Outdoor Lifestyle


I have a background in therapeutic nutrition and can work with you to support a number of conditions, nicluded, but not limited to: Digestive Issues, Food Allergies/Sensitivities, Anxiety and Depression, Autoimmune Conditions & Hashimoto's, Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes and Insulin Resistance, Hormone Imbalances, Neurotransmitter Funciton & Production, Nutrition Deficiencies, Cancer (Support & Prevention), Eating Disorders, Sports Injury & Prevention, Brain Health & Cognitive Function, Fatigue. 

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Option 1: General Nutrition Coaching

Initial Consultation: $150.00
Then, $140.00/month (3 Month Minimum)


Then, $320/month (3 Month Minimum) 

Both options include: 
Weekly check-ins and e-mail support
Nutrition for presenting conditions, key nutrients, and therapeutic recommendations. 
Discussion of the root cause of concerns, health issues, or weight/performance plateaus
Recommended macronutrient ratio recommendations (your "macros")
Recipes, resources, and shopping guides, meal planning, and day-to-day guidance
Goal setting

VIP Option also includes: 
Longer meeting times
More time for questions, candition support, big goals, deep change, and relationship with food concerns. 
unlimited e-mail support from me
25% off of customized meal plans



  • Clarity,
  • Education and Resources,
  • Direction & Purpose,
  • Motivation,
  • Guidance & Support,
  • Accountability, Accountability, Accountability!
  • Support for Socail Navigation,
  • Creation and Step by Step Follow Through of Customized Protocol,
  • Meal Ideas and Shopping Lists


A Sustainable and enjoyable
approach that you can adapt for life!
(So long yo-yo dieting)



Weight goal achievement, improved fitness, disease prevention, improved health, better digestion, less pain, improved mood, better mental focus, improved immune system, better life balance, heart health, detoxification support, stress relief, better brain power and memory, inflammation reduction, allergy relief, more energy!

THe risk is too great not to change

(please keep in mind that results vary per individual and based on effort!) 


One Hour Q & A


Don't want to commit to consistent coaching? Want to get to know me first?
Or do you hust want to ask a nutritionist to make sure you are on the right track?

Then, this 1 hour Q & A is for you. (This is a one hour meeting and not a personalized nutrition plan. We do not do an in-depth nutrition or lifestyle analysis or health evaluation during this meeting.) 


Goal Setting
Discussion of your nutrition questions
Discussion of General Nutrition & Wellness
Follow Up E-mail summary with general written recommendations based on our conversation


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Are you ready to improve your health, transform your life, and unleash your full potential with better nutrition?

I can't wait to get started and help support you on your journey to a better you.