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Client Testimonials


“After my first panic attack, I recognized that it was time to dive deeper into the root cause of my anxiety, severe fatigue and uncontrolled acne.  In working with Adina, she thoroughly evaluated both my lifestyle and my environment with the utmost professionalism and warmth.  We talked about my relationship with food and my struggles in the past, which she was mindful of when coaching me through an elimination diet specific to me and my needs.  She provided ample amount of recipes and resources to also support me on my new lifestyle journey.  Her coaching went beyond food - she also taught me the importance of stress management, used her experiences to help me alter my exercise regimen to support my adrenal health, and helped me establish a morning routine that suited me and my busy work schedule.  She was a true cheerleader through the health successes, and was kind, patient and supportive when things didn’t go as well as we hoped.  My ultimate goal was to get off of oral birth control and still be able to keep my acne controlled.  Through Adina’s coaching, I was able to do just this - and in turn for the first time ever, I learned about my body, my hormones, and felt more in control of my health as a woman.  I am forever grateful for all that Adina invested into my health.”

 - Nicole Johnson


“Adina helped me refine my nutrition goals, while working within my training regime and goals for fitness. When I initially met with her, she understood that I had body weight and also physical strength goals, and worked to refine a custom plan that suited those aims. I had already been eating healthy, but she helped me figure out what my body needed to both continue intense workouts, and stay energized and non-fatigued. On her diet plans, I had less soreness overall, and a better level of stamina. Although I was at an average BMI when we met, I gradually dropped 5-7 pounds while maintaining my lean muscle mass! Her and I worked together for several months over a year ago, but I still continue to follow her recommendations and refine my eating based on strategies she gave me during that time. I highly recommend using Adina as a nutrition coach. She is truly wonderful to work with, and helps 'you' be the best 'you'.”

- Chloe S.


“Adina was my nutritional counselor for a year during which I was treating and recovering from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) using natural supplements and no prescription drugs. Her advice and guidance were invaluable in helping me understand the condition and adopt new eating habits. A knowledgeable professional, Adina was always cheerful and empathetic, as well as open to my research in many health issues and discoveries. I am impressed with her determination to earn an advanced degree in nutritional counseling, and I highly recommend her services. She practices what she preaches!”

— Beth Kuper

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I was lucky enough to find Adina on line to help me with my nutrition. I was not in a good state mentally or physically, I was scared of food because of all the BS online. Since working with her my digestion is so much better and my relationship with food is too. I have grown a lot more muscle and I’m at a healthy weight. And I sleep like a baby. Thank you so much Adina for everything. xoxo 

- Harmony Kysar


Amazing and has helped me through my nutrition. I recommend her to all my friends. I'm thankful to have met her in my time, of trying to heal.

- Stacey F.


Adina taught me and my family how we could use food to optimize our health. She helped us with appropriate exercise individually. We were well cared for. Thanks Adina!

- Julie Elliott